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Amazing Activities

Meet Flat Mendes!

Mendes Cohen was an inveterate traveler and man-about-town, active in civic life and his community. We want to continue his journeys by sending "Flat Mendes" out into the world. 


Download your very own Flat Mendes here.

Next, print and cut out your Flat Mendes and start snapping photos! Make sure to share with us using #AmazingMendes.


Test Your Geography Skills!

Can you figure out where Flat Mendes has already been traveling?


Take the "Where in the World is Mendes Cohen" Quiz here!

Practice Using Primary Sources!

Below are some activities you can explore using primary sources like Mendes Cohen's letters he wrote while traveling and the "Jew Bill" to think critically.


Download Mendes' Letters Activity

Download The Jew Bill Activity (Elementary school level)

Download The Jew Bill Activity (Middle school level)

jewbill-booklet (1)-3.jpg

You Have Mail!

Mendes, like most of us, is pretty lonely stuck at home these days. He would love to receive a letter from you telling him about where you live and what you're up to.

If you send Mendes a letter, he will write you one back!

Send Your Letters to:

Mendes Cohen

c/o The Jewish Museum of Maryland

15 Lloyd Street

Baltimore, MD 21202

You have mail.jpg

Travel with Mendes!

Check out three fantastic family activities from the JMM programs team!


Design your own magical shabti, create your own Star-Spangled Banner, and carve your own writing seal.


The Mendes Maze!


Can you find your way to Jerusalem? Mendes Cohen was one of the first American visitors to reach the city. 

Download the Mendes Maze

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