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Kvetch, Kvetch, Kvetch

In his letters home, Mendes often complained about the difficulties of travel.

In a letter dated June 13, 1830, Mendes wrote:

England - June 13, 1830 

“[I] could not have been more seasick and came to the conclusion that a trip on the water is always preferable on board of a sail boat to a steamer.”

This was despite his November 6, 1829, letter regarding his initial voyage from America.

Liverpool, England - November 6, 1829

“...tho’ all considered the passage rough I thought it much otherwise in comparison to what I had expected and anticipated from steam boat sickness.”

In the same letter, Mendes also discussed seasickness preparations, which included:


"...gingerbread made by sister…mint drops…mint lozenges …lemons and limes…pickles…Congress water…[and a] medicine package …of powders…laudanum, lavender [and] cologne d’lard.”

Despite his kvetching, Mendes did fare much better than one of his traveling companions, as he explained in this letter:

On board Ship Caledonia - October 26, 1829

“Thomas Midwood, a fellow passenger, died with dropsy in the chest – was indisposed when he came on board…. A coffin [was] made during the afternoon and the next morning, he was put in [it] with spirits, to be taken to Liverpool as he requested.”

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